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    Mattress Buying Guide

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    With so many different types of mattresses on the market today it can get confusing as to what the best mattress for you might be and how to get the best deal on a new mattress. Taking a little bit of time to educate yourself about mattresses before you purchase your next mattress will help you find the best mattress to get a good sound sleep each and every night. mattress buying guide will show you what to look for in a mattress to get the most mattress value for your money.

    In the search to find a comfortable mattress you can spend as much time as you like. Before you start looking though take a personal inventory of what is important to you in a mattress. Do you like your mattress soft or firm or somewhere in between? Do you have any medical problems like back that need to be addressed when you purchase a mattress? What size of bed do you need?

    Depending on if you are getting just a mattress or a complete sleep system with a frame and box spring you will have to think about what size mattress you want. The standard mattress sizes are as follows :

    • Twin: Thirty nine inches by seventy five inches
    • Double: Fifty four inches by seventy five inches
    • Queen: Sixty inches by eighty inches
    • King: Seventy six inches by eighty inches

    Be sure you have enough space in your bedroom to fit the mattress in your room. It is best to measure your area to see what size of mattress will fit in the bedroom. You probably want to get the biggest mattress that can fit in the area if you sleep with a partner, and a double or queen size bed for those that sleep alone.

    The next thing you need to think about is comfort. For the time you have a mattress you will be on it about one third of the time be sure you are sleeping on a comfortable mattress. Don’t be afraid to try a mattress out! At a mattress retailer just go ahead and lay down on a variety of mattresses, if you order online be sure the manufacturer offers a free trial period so you can test out the bed in your home. The longer you can try out a mattress and actually use it before having to pay the better.

    When thinking and testing to find a comfortable mattress, keep in mind that a firmer mattress is usually better. Softer mattresses may feel comfortable at first, but after a long nights sleep can leave your body feeling achy and sore. The body needs to be properly supported for a refreshing sleep and that support is provided by a firm mattress.

    You will also want to look at the overall quality of construction of the mattress. The coils should be made of steel with a coil count of three hundred to seven hundred coils. The more coils the more support the bed supports and the firmer the mattress is. The edges of a mattress should be as firm and supportive as the center.

    Once you have found the right mattress to fit your sleeping needs and budget you will want to understand the warranty that comes with the mattress. Most mattress warranties start at ten years and go up to twenty years. Generally the more expensive the mattress the longer the warranty. Any mattress warranty should pay for a replacement mattress if the current mattress fails within the warranty period at a pro rated rate. For example if a mattress has a warranty of ten years and it fails in the third year the manufacturer will apply seventy percent of the original mattresses purchase price towards a new mattress.

    Ultimately you will need to balance your desire for comfort with your mattress budget to get the best deal. If you need a certain specific type of therapeutic mattress you can expect to pay more and get a higher quality mattress than a bargain double mattress found at big box stores. It is really a good idea to go for a premium mattress for the bed you sleep in every night and to save money on any additional beds that are used less often.

    The time and effort you put in to finding a mattress that is a perfect fit will pay you back every night with a comfortable sleep that leaves you refreshed and energized. With the right mattress and pillow combination you can eliminate many minor sleeplessness problems and help to create a sleep environment to get the deep sleep you need!

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