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    Herbal Teas For Insomnia

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    Herbal teas are a natural and time tested approach to battling insomnia. While herbal teas are not a good solution to help true insomnia sufferers, herbal teas can provide help falling asleep for those that suffer from occasional sleeplessness. Herbal teas are for the most part popular as natural remedies with little scientific testing involved in concluding that herbal teas help with sleep.

    There is a notable exception in a traditional herbal remedy for sleeplessness, Valerian root has been clinically tested and the results prove beyond any doubt that Valerian root help induce sleep and provide deeper more relaxing sleep. Still Valerian is not a good approach to handling true insomnia, nor does it make a very good tasting tea!

    Chamomile is another popular herbal tea to help with sleeping, though untested in a scientific setting, Chamomile makes wonderful tea and can help to relax the body before bedtime. Regardless of if you want the powerful tried and true sedative effects of Valerian or the more favorable taste of Chamomile it is a simple matter to make an herbal tea at home.

    Find your favorite herb at a local health food store, or grow your own in a garden. In a teapot bring water to a boil. Place one tablespoon of dried herb for every cup of water, plus one tablespoon. If using fresh herbs, add two tablespoons of fresh herbs for every cup of water, plus an additional two tablespoons. So if you were making a pot of herbal tea and plan on making 4 cups with dried herbs you would need five tablespoons, if using fresh herbs you would use ten tablespoons. Boil the herbs in the teapot for around five minutes. You can change the richness of the herbal tea by boiling the herbs for longer or shorter amounts of time. Finally pour out the tea through a tea strainer to remove any herbs and enjoy a hot cup of herbal tea!

    In the end herbal teas are not meant to help those that suffer from insomnia as a sleep disorder. Instead those that are having occasional restless sleepless nights can benefit from the calm soothing effects of herbal teas. Herbal teas are a great natural way to aid in sleep and making herbal teas at home is very easy.

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