Best Toddler Bed Rails Guide & Reviews

Every time we talk about child safety, the issue about baby bed rails will have to be seriously considered. Responsible parenting is no easy task. It is, in fact, a 24/7 hour job that you must perform if you want your children to grow in a healthy and safe environment. We are fully aware of the many incidents of child injuries involving accidental falls and suffocation.

Your main concern as a responsible parent is whether you really need to use baby bed rails for your kid or not. Most likely, you are inclined to use one if you have a particularly precocious and active child. Over and beyond your decision to buy him a new set of guard rails is the determination of the most appropriate time to use one. You will probably have to make your decision over the use of baby bed rails once your kid reaches two years old.

There are kids who are more active than others of their age. Despite the presence of crib mattress, chances are you will be seeing them climbing over the rails. Most standard toddler beds don’t incorporate any safety rail component in their design. These types of beds are generally of low profile, and accidental fall is not such a serious concern. Added to the fact that a toddler who wants to get off his bed will do just that regardless of whether there is a guard rail attached to his bed or not.

However, it becomes a totally different issue when your kid finally transitions to his own twin bed. This is where things become delicate. Once you decide to move your kid to his own twin bed, then you may find the need for baby bed rails. Twin beds come in higher profile compared to toddler beds. If you measure the actual height by including the mattress and the box spring, then you will have a clear idea at how high toddler beds really are.

Most types of baby bed rails are designed to achieve snug fit once attached between the box spring and the mattress. Bed rails come in varying heights. When choosing the right kind of bed rail, it is essential that you take into account the thickness of the mattress. This is very important, as a very active child can easily fall off his bed when you attach a bed rail that does not match the depth of his mattress.

Best Toddler Bed Rails Guide – Prioritizing Your Child’s Safety

Kid’s bed rails are safety barrier devices that you attach either on one side or both sides of your kid’s bed. You'll have to decide whether to use this safety device once your child transitions from the crib to the twin bed or regular-sized bed. At the initial stage of the transition, your child may not be prepared to sleep alone on a regular-sized bed. As a responsible parent whose utmost concern is the safety of your child, it is important that you are aware of the safety precautions when using guardrails on your kid’s bed.

There are expandable types of guard rails that are designed for twin beds and regular-sized beds. Bed rails come in a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes. You can easily find one that meets your taste and preference. There are also kids bed rails that can be bent down during the day, allowing your kids to do their stuff on their bed unimpeded. Most of these guardrails don’t cover the full length of your kid’s bed but is just enough to provide sufficient protection so that your kid won’t fall off while asleep.

Most parents prefer this type of guardrail since it can be adjusted as their child transitions from a toddler bed to regular-sized bed. These rails can be lowered or raised with ease making it possible for your kid to move out or into his bed unassisted. However, you must choose the specific guard rail with a reliable locking mechanism to prevent serious injuries from happening as a result of your child accidentally pulling down the safety rail.

Here are some of the most critical decision parameters that you must be aware of when using kid’s bed rails on your child’s bed:

1.    As soon as your child reaches 2 to 3 years of age, you must start to consider your option whether to transition him from the crib to the toddler bed or go straight to a regular-sized bed.

2.    A bunk bed is your third option. This is a practical alternative if you have a child who is already six years or older. It is not safe for kids younger than six years old to sleep on the upper bunk.

3.    In deciding which option is most appropriate for you, it is essential that you take into account both short term and long term requirements. Toddler bed costs less than the twin-sized bed. However, you will only be able to use the toddler bed on a shorter time frame while the twin bed can be used up to the time your child finally goes to college. Easily, the money you spend for kid’s bed rail is more than enough to offset the amount you will have to pay for a toddler bed.

What You Should Know About Toddler Bed Rails

Cribs can provide a safe sleeping place for babies but what if your child needs to have his own bed? A lot of parents are nervous about letting their toddlers sleep in a regular bed because the child can fall and end up on the floor. If you also have a toddler who will have to sleep in his own bed, the best thing that you can do is to make sure that your kid will be safe by using toddler bed rails.

 Using toddler bed rails will give you peace of mind knowing that your child is safe and secured. These rails will prevent any kind of accident that could happen while sleeping and the injuries or damages that could come with that. Choosing the type or kind of toddler bed rails to get for your child will be up to you so make sure that you will make the right decision because your child’s safety will depend on it.

 The first thing that you should look for is the quality. Toddler bed rails must be strong and sturdy so they could give more than enough protection for your baby. If you are unsure which one to get, you could just start with a brand that is known for making high-quality baby products. It would be better if you could find bed rails that are easy to install. Make sure that you read and understand the manufacturer’s instruction on how to set up the bed rails and follow those instructions carefully. This is the most important part because if you will not be able to install the product properly, then that could affect the total performance of the rails.

 There are also some toddler bed rails on the market today that are portable, or they are easy to set up, remove and fold. These are perfect for those who are traveling frequently with their kids because you could easily bring them with you when you travel. Make sure that the bed rails that you are going to get will fit your child’s bed perfectly to make sure that there will be no gaps or spaces between the bed and the rails.

 You should also check for rough or pointy edges or parts because these are the last things that you would want in toddler bed rails. They could scratch or cut your child’s skin so make sure that the rails are smooth and has curved edges. These bed rails can be made of different kinds of materials so you can choose one that will complement or even match your child’s bed. Some bed rails are plain and simple while there are also some that come in a variety of colors and have lots of extra features like music, night light, and even toys. You can surely find one that will match any kind of room theme or motif. It doesn’t always have to be pricey or expensive as long as it could keep your child safe and secured. You could read product reviews, comments, and feedback to get an idea about the kind quality that each one can offer.

Things to Do Before Buying Kids Bed Rails

Once your child has already outgrown his crib and is finally ready to sleep on his own bed, you must make sure that your child will be safe from harm like falling off the bed. So you should really get child bed rails to protect your child and to keep him safe while he sleeps. But before you head out to the store and buy the best kind of child bed rails you could find, there are some things that you should do first in order to make sure that you are getting the right kind for your child.

 First thing that you should do is to take exact measurements of your child’s bed. Child bed rails will be attached to the bed so you will have to ensure that the bed rails will fit the bed perfectly. So there will be no gaps or big spaces between the side of the bed and the rails because otherwise, there will be a risk of poor performance and the bed rails could not provide adequate protection to your child.

 Check the instructions and make sure that you completely understand the proper way to set it up. It would be better if you could find products that are portable and can be easily set up and removed. Go for the products that are supposed to be attached either underneath or top of the bed mattress because unlike the pillow types, you can be sure that they will stay securely in place and will not move so even if your child moves a lot while sleeping, you can be sure that he will still be safe.

 Determine the kind of materials that you prefer like if you want to get child bed rails made of durable plastic or metal. Metals are sturdier and could provide maximum protection while plastics are lightweight and are usually portable so you could bring them with you in case you need to travel. Whatever you choose, you must ensure that it could give your child the kind of protection he needs because that’s the main reason why you are buying them in the first place.

 You should also decide on where you are going to position or place your child’s bed. If the room area is limited, the best thing to do to maximize the space is to place the bed against the wall. You will only have to buy the one-bed rail for this set up because the wall will be on one side of the bed. If you are going to position your child’s bed at the center of the room, then you should buy two child bed rails for full protection.

 The last things to consider are the style, design, and color of the bed rails. Some parents would want to buy child bed rails that would go with their child’s bed and would complement the overall theme of the room. You could also look for some other added features like a night light, pocket that could hold your child’s stuff like toys, or even music that could help calm and put your little one to sleep. Once you have already determined and decided on these things, then you can now go and find that perfect rails for your child.

Bed Rails Toddler Practical Buying Guide & Review

​​​​Every parent knows how much the safety of their child or children matters. Infants are more delicate and require proper care and attention. And as they outgrow their cribs, and move to a bed, it’s important to have peace of mind that they won’t fall. This is where bed rails come in handy. You won’t have to wake up every 30 minutes to ensure your little one hasn’t fallen to the floor. There are different style and design options that parents can choose from. Our review gives you the best bed rails available in the market for your purchase.

1.    Extra Long Swing Down Bed Rail by Regalo

If you want peace of mind, buy your little one Regalo’s Extra Long Swing Down bed rail. The steel design not only makes it durable but secure as well. Besides, it can fit up to queen size beds. The bed rail comes with a patented Gap Guard patented feature that will prevent your child from sliding between the mattresses especially if your kid is a restless sleeper. Besides using this product for your infant only, she or he can grow with it. This is because the bed rail is extra-long making it suitable for older children and even adults. With a “frustration-free” rating, this product is easy and quick when it comes to setting it up which means less time trying to figure it out. Furthermore, it comes with a 90-day warranty.

2.    Hiccapop Bed Rail Bumper

This product is suitable for toddlers who aren’t restless sleepers. Unlike other bed rails, the Hiccapop doesn’t ‘cage’ in your little one. It acts as a simple reminder to your toddler that they are at the edge of the bed and need to move away by triggering their natural passive-safety response. The best bit is that it needs no tools for fixing as you simply place it at the edges of the bed. If the bed is in the middle of the room and has space on both sides, consider getting two pairs of Hiccapop bed rail bumper to ensure the safety of your little one. They are designed to give your child room to toss and turn and stretch while they sleep. Besides having a lifetime guarantee, the product is also non-toxic and hypoallergenic making it suitable for toddlers with allergies.

3.    DEX Baby Convertible Crib Bed Rail

This product is designed fully for convertible cribs. It’s especially suitable for parents who have cribs that convert into a toddler bed. The materials and top-of-the-line construction meet all the safety regulations. Unlike most bed rails that secure to the mattress, the DEX Baby convertible bed rail secures itself on the frame of the crib using the double reinforced anchor system. Besides, there are no tools required when it comes to fixing it thus giving you a quick and easy setup. The fact that it’s light in weight makes it easy to move from room to room or carrying it along when going for vacation. The sturdy construction makes it durable which means it grows with your baby. The cover fabric is long-lasting hence less fraying and tearing as the years’ progress. You have nothing to lose as the product comes with a lifetime guarantee.

This is your best option if you intend to use the convertible crib of your child once they reach the age of 2 years old. This specially designed bed rails toddler is made of hardwood. This safety rail can be conveniently snapped on the open side once the convertible crib is transformed into a 3-sided kid bed.

4.    The Munchkin Sleep Bed Rail

The Munchkin sleep bed rail features a fold-down that’s made from a long-lasting aluminum frame. This product guarantees safety for your little one as they sleep and is available in different colors to compliment your color scheme. Setting it up is fast and easy as you will only need a couple of minutes. The push-button hinge feature for an easy fold down makes it even more user-friendly and easy to operate for parents. Knowing how important cleanliness is for your toddlers, Munchkin as made it so that fabric cover can easily be removed and is can both be wiped or machine washed. If your little one has a queen, twin or full-sized mattress, you should consider getting them this bed rail by Munchkin.

5.    Double Safety Bed Rail by Summer Infant

If your toddler’s bed hasn’t been positioned against any wall, getting them the double safety bed rail by Summer Infant is a great choice. This design comes with two rails that are connected under the mattress ensuring its stability. This bed rail requires no tools when fixing it as the rails are held together by sturdy straps that won’t slip under the mattress. One of the rails has been built to easily fold down which makes it easy for parents when changing linens or just sitting by the bedside. The covers of the rails are made from a breathable mesh fabric that can be wiped for ease of clean or machine washed.

6.    The Swing Down Bed Rail by Regalo

The Swing Down bed rail is another alternative option by Regalo. It works well with a full, twin and queen size mattress and ensures that both you and your child sleep better during the night. At 43 inches long, the bed rail gives your child maximum protection enabling you to have peace of mind. It’s not only suitable for children but for adults as well and leaves enough room for quick access on both ends. Backed up by a 90-day warranty, the product is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association and is 100 percent lead and PVC-free. The breathable mesh cover for the rails makes it suffocation-free hence no need to worry about your child rolling to the edge. You can opt to machine wash or wipe it clean and then line dry.

7.    The Baby Home Side Bed Rail

Available in multiple colors, the Baby Home Side Bed Rail comes with safety straps that connect effortlessly to your bed. This makes it sturdy thus ensuring that it won’t move when your toddler is asleep. The rails can also be rotated on the dual hinge when making the bed or changing linens. Designed with your child in mind, the fabrics covering the aluminum frame are easily removable and can be machine washed or wiped clean. The rounded edges give it a nice finishing, and it comes with a travel bag making it easy for you to fold, pack and carry it along when going for vacation.

8.    Hide-Away Extra Long Bed Rail

This innovative guard rail for your kid’s bed incorporates reliability with convenience. You can provide ultimate protection to your kids when needed while having the flexibility of sliding the device underneath the bed mattress when not in use. It is by far the longest bed rail in the market. It is also outfitted with metal brackets for added durability. This type of bed rails toddler can be attached to twin beds and regular-sized bed.

9.    Bed Bolster To Go

This type of kid bed rails is an essential item when you are on the road or staying in a hotel with your kids. This inflatable bed rail can be easily strapped onto twin and full-size mattresses. Your color options include green, blue and pink.

10.    Dex Products Safe Sleeper Bed Rail Ultra

This 48-inch long bed rail is used with the box spring and mattress of your kid’s bed. The main feature of this type of bed rail is the anchor strap that secures it onto the mattress. This gives one the confidence that the guard rails are firmly in place while your kid is asleep. Installation is simple, and you will not require any tool in the assembly and setting up of the safety device on your kid’s bed.

11.    PRIMO Sleep Smart Folding Bed Guard Rail

This foldable type of bed guard rail comes with functional pockets to accommodate an assortment of kid stuff. With its special configuration, you can easily access the linens when changing is required. It can also be easily detached and disassembled and stowed away when not in use. This 40-inch long guard rail can be outfitted with twin, regular-sized and full-sized beds.

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