Best Bed Bug Mattress Encasement Reviews

When you think of where you will be spending at least 8 hours out of the 24 hours in a day, you want to have peace of mind about it and not worry about pests or dirt.

Mattress encasements come in handy especially when it comes to protecting your mattress from bed bugs. If you woke up and realized your hands have bites that are itchy and that weren’t there previously, chances are very high that your mattress is infested with bedbugs.

Bed bugs are tiny creatures that can cause havoc in your home. Still, they spread and getting rid of them isn’t as easy as most of us think. They lay eggs that hatch really quickly and survive on human blood. That’s why if you’ve noticed, most hotels and hospitals use mattress encasements.

But mattress encasements are not just for hotels and hospitals. In fact, anyone who owns a mattress should buy an encasement not only for keeping away pests but to also protect the mattress from dirt and stains.

A mattress is an investment, and if you need to protect it, we have reviewed some of the best mattress encasements that you can choose from that are available in stores. Protect your family by investing in one today.

What is it

A mattress encasement is a case that is made out of strong materials like polyester and is mainly designed to prevent bed bugs from getting in and out of the mattress.

Most people tend to think that the slippery nature of some encasements is how bed bugs are kept off. That they slip and fall and therefore can’t crawl back up. This is one of the misconceptions on how mattress encasements really work.

Mattress encasements are able to keep off bed bugs due to their density. Mattress protectors or encasements are tested in labs to ensure that they are resistant to parasite bites. This means that the fabrics that make the cases need to be woven tightly so as not to allow bed bugs to crawl out and into a new mattress. Mattress encasements are mainly used for two reasons: preventive measure for new mattresses and for treatment and protection of old infested mattresses.

When getting a mattress encasement for the second reasons, you’ll need to vacuum clean the old mattress and ensure that you’ve gotten rid of all the eggs, bed bugs, dead bodies, and feces from all corners and cracks of your bed. If possible, use a spray for the bed bugs for extra safety. Once all this is done, you can then put on the mattress encasement.

The encasement basically suffocates the bed bugs and larvae’s since they have no way of crawling out and therefore die due to lack of nutrition. Besides protecting your mattress from bed bugs, a good encasement is anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, and waterproof and offers protection against dust mites.

What to Look For

When searching for a mattress encasement, knowing what to look for can save you lots of time and money. Here are a couple of things that you need to consider.

1.    Density

The denser the mattress cover, the better protection it will give. Remember, the density of the cases is what makes it function properly. Consider buying polyurethane encasements as they don’t rustle when one is sleeping and are soft.

2.    Zipper

The best bed bug proof needs to have a zipper for maximum protection. The zipper ensures that every corner is zipped completely. You also need to ensure that the zipper has tiny teeth close to each other thus making it impossible for the tiniest of bed bugs to crawl out. The zipper needs to have a stop end to prevent accidental zip openings.

3.    Close-Knit Fabric

Bed bug proof encasement needs to be made of close-knit fabric that has pretty patterns, zero holes and lacks thin inserts. The fabric should be dense and matching.

4.    Size

Most mattress encasements can fit mattress covers of different sizes, from a twin to a king size bed. When buying a cover, ensure that all corners are covered by the encasement, and it fits like a glove. Ensure you consider the depth as some stretch from 6-inches to 18-inches while other encasements stretch up to 9-inches only.

5.    Durability

No one wants to invest in a cover every single month. Ensure that you buy a cover that’s durable and will see you through a few years on the bare minimum. Bed bugs cause lack of sleep and getting rid of them can be hard. However, buying a durable cover can help give you peace of mind and better nights.

Best Bed Bug Mattress Encasement Review

Choosing a mattress encasement that’s designed to be bed bug proof can be a bit of an overwhelming task. On the other hand, the benefits surpass that little hustle of choosing which one to buy.

Getting the right encasement will not only give you peace of mind but will also ensure that you get rid of bed bugs and won’t have to constantly wake up with bites on your arms.

Most importantly is that you will ensure the safety of your family by preventing them from spreading to your seats. We’ve researched the market and bring you the best mattress encasements that you can invest in to get maximum protection. Besides, the manufacturers guarantee that their cases give 100 percent protection from bed bugs, are waterproof, hypoallergenic and protect you from dust mites.

1.    LINENSPEA Zippered Mattress Encasement – Queen Size

The LINENSPEA zippered mattress encasement is available from the twin mattress size to the California King. In addition, one can still purchase zippered queen pillow protectors as well.

This product is ranked on as the #1 Best Seller in the Mattress Encasement division with a 4.3 out of 5 stars rating. If you need an encasement that’s both waterproof and bed bug proof, this here is the right buy for you. It’s made from waterproof polyurethane. Our team tested it by pouring water on it, and it stayed dry.

Although most customers buy it for its waterproof nature according to the reviews, it’s rated as the best when it comes to offering protection against bed bugs and other pest infestation. This product can actually be used as a prevention measure for new mattresses or to treat and offer protection for old mattresses that have been infested by bed bugs.

The fact that it’s vinyl-free makes it safe for children. This product is made from breathable, lightweight fabric that gives it a trusted barrier against allergens, dust mites, and bed bugs and is quite cool when one is sleeping on it. In addition, it’s machine washable making it easy to remove and clean.

2.    The Sleep Defense System – Queen Size

With 4.6 stars out of 5, the Sleep Defense System seems to be a good value for money for most buyers. If your mattress is already infested and you need to treat and protect it afterward, consider getting the Sleep Defense System mattress encasement.

This product is able to reduce the amount of bites you have in just a few months of use or can fully get rid of bed bug infestation in your home. In addition, it’s a perfect buy for those who are asthmatic or suffer from certain allergies as it gives them protection from dust mites.

The polyester fabric is waterproof and has undergone several lab tests which prove that it’s bed big proof. And even though it’s water resistant, the manufacturers warn that it’s not designed to hold large volumes of water at once. It also stretches to fit any mattress that has a depth from 12-inches to 18-inches with its zip sealing. The fabric is not only comfortable and cool but is also breathable which prevents it from trapping heat when you are sleeping.

With a five-year warranty for this product, the Sleep Defense System is among the best bed bug mattress encasement that you can get in the market.

3.    LUCID Mattress Encasement – Queen Size

Ever thought that you would buy something with a 15-year warranty? Yes, you read right. 15 years. This mattress encasement from LUCID comes with a 15-year warranty which shows the level of confidence the manufacturer has on the quality of this product. This is also boosted by a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

This product is rustle-free making it noiseless which guarantees you a peaceful night sleep. The breathable fabric makes it cool and comfortable to sleep on as it does not retain any heat.

With a sealing bag flap and a watertight zipper, this product is 100 percent waterproof. In addition, it offers you the best protection against bed bugs, stains, allergens, and liquids. It has a deep pocket design that fits mattresses of up to 18-inches deep.

Besides, it does not change the texture of your mattress with fabric that’s hypoallergenic. This makes it suitable for those suffering from allergies or have sensitive skin. If you opt to buy this product from LUCID, ensure you get an extra pair of hands to help you fit your mattress into it. Otherwise, for the prices and warranty, you are definitely getting a good deal out of it.

4.    SafeRest Zippered Mattress Encasement

This product from SafeRest is vinyl free and noiseless making it safe for children. It’s also available in different mattress sizes. Besides being anti-bacteria, it also protects your mattress from bed bugs, fluids, and dust mites.

This product has been tested in the lab and certified to have no entry or escape route for bed bugs and is also bite proof. With a 10-year warranty, it offers protection to your mattress from all the six sides including the top and bottom against allergens as well as urine and perspiration. The use of the Micro-Zipper technology ensures that there’s no room for a bed bug to pass in or out of the zipper teeth.

Made from terry cotton fabric, this zippered mattress encasement by SafeRest hypoallergenic and has a breathable membrane that helps keep it cool and noiseless while you get your beauty sleep. It’s suitable for those with asthma or any other type of allergies.

The 360 Secure zipper boosts the effectiveness of the closing feature as it protects you from accidental openings that can create room for bed bugs to move in and out of your mattress. This is made possible by the Velcro flap that’s used to seal the end of the zipper. And just like any other encasement, if your mattress is infested, ensure that you eliminate the bed bugs first before purchasing the SafeRest cover for your mattress.

5.    Utopia Bedding Waterproof Mattress Cover

Although Utopia’s cover is thin compared to most of the cases in this review, it offers maximum protection against bed bugs. This product stretches and covers mattresses of up to 15 inches in depth.

It does not only offer protection from bed bugs alone but from liquids, stains, fluids, bacteria’s as well as dust mites. The Velcro zip guard that comes with this zippered cover helps secure your mattress from all 360-degree angle and prevents bed bugs from going in and out of your mattress.

The polyester fabric for this cover stretches easily to fit your mattress and ensure you are comfortable when sleeping. Safe for kids since it’s both PVC and vinyl free. You don’t need to worry about cleaning it as it can be machine washed and then tumble dried.

6.    The SureGuard Mattress Encasement

The build quality of this product makes it suitable for bed bug prevention for all your mattresses. This product has been lab tested and has a certification from GREENGUARD Gold.

This cover is designed specifically for bed bug protection and prevention with the Invisi-Zip solution. This solution ensures that bed bugs can’t go in or out of the mattress once zipped.

To add to that, it’s 100 percent waterproof. In the event, you spill water or fluids, or your child urinates on it, you won’t have to worry about staining or the mess going to your mattress as it’s completely water resistant.

It can easily be machine washed and left to dry. You can also purchase it with the SureGuard pillow protectors. What’s more, it comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

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